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press & media: month of photography

Cape Town Month of Photography

Gerda Louw's work form part of two photographic exhibitions held during the Cape Town Month of Photography at Youngblood:

"Manifestations of Self" introduces her series "Exposure"

"Love and Other Drugs" introduces her series "Private World"

The exhibition will run from 4 October until 16 October.

Opening night

The opening night takes place at Youngblood on Thursday 4 October, starting at 6pm.

more information: Facebook event page

About the Cape Town Month of Photography

The Cape Town Month of Photography 2012 Festival will take place from 27 September - 31 October within the inner and outer city of Cape Town.

Over 100 bodies of work celebrating photography as a medium of aesthetic, social, political and philosophical value, have been accepted to be showcased in Cape Town, in galleries, museums, upmarket venues and online in virtual galleries and archives.

source: South Africa Centre for Photography


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